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Managing OpenStack with The Foreman

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What is a Cloud?

The term “Cloud Computing” gets thrown around a lot these days, and while it does solve a lot of interesting problems, there is also a lot of confusion on what it really is, and I have not seen an easy to read, high level overview.

So, What is a Cloud?

While this seems like a simple question, usually its not easy to answer. This is because CLOUD means different things to different people, and it solves different problems for different customers. However, in its simplest form, a CLOUD is really just computing delivered as a service. Whether its Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) like Amazon EC2, Platform as as Service (PAAS) like Google app engine, or Software as a Service (SAAS) like;  all the end user cares about is, I need a resource to run a workload and I don’t care how or what happens under the covers, as long as I get the results I need.