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Example Packstack answer file with vxlan

Building on my previous post form James, Packstack is a pretty handy tool. Packstack is designed to easily set up test or proof-of-concept deployments. It uses Puppet modules to enable rapid deployment of OpenStack on existing servers over an SSH connection. PackStack does however make many assumptions in its configuration to simplify the installation process, and is not suitable for production deployments. Also it cannot deploy services in a highly available or load balanced configuration. See the Red Hat docs for more info.

vxlan has become the default plugin for layer2 networking for Neutron via the ML2 plugin, and makes deploying a simple multi-node configuration pretty straight forward. The example Packstack answer file below will produce a working OpenStack environment with three nodes, one controller, one networking node, and one compute node. It assumes two separate network segments, one on eth0 (public)and one on eth1(private). The public network contains the 192.168.1000/24 subnet and how the OpenStack services communicate between nodes and with the outside world. The private network is for our tenant networks and will contain the vxlan tunnels, this can be changed with the CONFIG_NEUTRON_OVS_TUNNEL_IF=eth1 option in the answer file below……