Atrix CM7

I have been really frustrated with my phone lately.  I’ve wanted to flash it with a non ATT ROM for while now however  I haven’t had the time and the Atrix’s locked boot loader has made this project a non-starter for me.  Not to mention that all the tools required to flash Android devices require windows boxes which is beyond me.

When the phone’s blue-tooth stopped working it was the last straw.  I had some spare time today and commandeered my girlfriends windows laptop for a couple hours to give it a try. There is a lot of info out there on how to do do this, however the instructions were still not very clear to me.  After reading a couple different xda forum posts and watching a couple of videos, I gave it a shot. Basically there are three things you need to do: 1)Unlock the boot-loader, 2) root the phone, 3) install a custom ROM.  This post contains a  steps I used to install CM7 on my ATT Motorola Atrix 4g. For more info check out this thread at XDA forums….

However if you are still confused like I was, here are the three steps that need to be done and the order I did them in……

1. Unlock boot loader..

I followed the instructions form Johnnythegeek here……

xda post on this:

*note I did hit the soft brick issue mentioned in the video, however following the instructions in the script resolved it.  It did take a reboot or two to get fast-boot to come up.

** also note this will wipe your phone so make sure you back everything up.

2. ROOT the phone

I used the steps described here, there is also a video form johnnythegeek on this….

3. Flash ROM

Once the boot-loader is unlocked and the phone is rooted you can do the remainder from the phone via ROM-Manager downloadable form the google app store. You will have to dowload the ROM’s and copy them to the SD card. I used the CM7 beta ROM and the google apps add-on, below….

CM& beta:

android apps:

Johnny has another  video that covers this, I did not use this one when I did mine, but it may help. He talks about ROM manager about 13 an half minutes in to the video below……


3 responses

  1. Update: The update when successful and I am now happily running CM7 on my att Atrix, however the blue-tooth issues is still there. After further investigation it looks to be a HW issue :(


    05/09/2012 at 2:32 AM

    • RobPilk

      So, are you going to have to resolve the HW issue through Motorola, or are you just SOL?

      05/14/2012 at 2:50 PM

  2. I think I am SOL….

    others have reported that ATT did send them a new phone however, I am pretty sure mine is out of warranty. And now that I have unlocked the boot loader, which as I understand is irreversible, I do not think ATT will send me a new phone. They will probably blame rooting it.

    I will probably be looking for a new phone in June when I am eligible for an upgrade.

    05/14/2012 at 3:06 PM

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